Basic Force Interactions - 03.01.2013

Basic Force Interactions  - techno compilation with UVL, S4DS, Nieviadomy Artyst

The second Force Carriers label compilation - Basic Force Ianteractions [FRC VA 02], released on 3rd of January 2013 is dedicated to dark industrial and forest realms of techno represented by S4DS, UVL, Nieviadomy Artyst / Pavel Ambiont.


S4DS - Inertia
Nieviadomy Artyst - Time Shift (v2)
UVL - Dead Tissue
Nieviadomy Artyst - Ekpyrosis
UVL - Multitude
S4DS - Effort
Nieviadomy Artyst - Battery Juice
S4DS - Mechanical Stresses
UVL - Broken Twin
Pavel Ambiont - Peace Dub (n/a rmx)


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