Dach XXX - I/DEX, Mozes, Pavel Ambiont (14.09.2016)

Force Carriers & Foundamental Network labels present an electronic evening at DACH XXX festival on 14.09.2016 with:

Mozes (aka Apex Sphere / S4DS)
Pavel Ambiont

The 30th edition of DACH Festival and the exhibition by one of the best, and truly unique Belarusian artists - Alexander Rodin (Алесь Родзін, Алесь Родзім) - will open in Minsk on 13th of September 2016. Over the years, DACH Festival, lead by Źmicier Jurkievič and Alexander Rodin has become an important institution presenting Belarusian art, music, literature and culture in general - both in our country and abroad. With several editions of various scale and content a year - held in Minsk and other towns, villages and forests in Belarus, as well as in Berlin - DACH gives space, time and attention to dozens if not hundreds of artists from Belarus and the Eastern Europe.

This edition is a dedication, a farewell to Kunsthaus Tacheles, where Ales Rodzin used to have his studio and where DACH used to have its base for several years.
Both the festival and the exhibition will be open for 4 months - till January 2017 @ BEPX, Minsk.


Last summer Ales Rodin work ‘Time Machine \ Magic Journey’ has inspired me to create a couple of tracks

Каментаванне забаронена.