* * *

(inspired by a recent techno / psy-trance party.)

“Participants of a rhythmic ritual can be seen as a set of signs - “human-hieroglyphs” - on a sheet of “paper” - the dancefloor. Each of them bears complex meanings and has inner sense/emotion dynamics during the course of ritual/party - but still they can be reduced to a rough outline of a single meaning. […]

From a handful of human-hieroglyphs a kind of text, a message is constructed during the ritual. Signs group into clusters, clusters - into a larger structure. The structurizing rules, the grammar, the syntax - is set by the music. This text is constantly being transformed, as music distributes the human-hieroglyphs along its force field lines, draws them towards itself and towards each other - like light draws moths, or pushes them back.[…]

when you look at the dancefloor when a “not-so-good” \ weak track is dropped — you actually see how the music fails to subordinate the dissipating crowd of human-hieroglyphs. Syntax is broken and human-hieroglyphs flow to other places/planes — searching for a structurizing power, a rhythm capable of building a new syntax. This disjointed, scattered vocabulary craves to be formed into a new, perfect message […] “

Каментаванне забаронена.