NIDRA open-air @ secret place

12-14.09. 2008
Organic Family and The Best Cosmic Friends present: NIDRA. Deep Psychedelic Experience


Quarantine -Live- (Nabi rec./Outline family/Moscow)
Zitron (Sound Spices/Moscow)
Yeti (Yeti Sound System/Moscow)
Vodloke (D.o.D.Community/SS/Moscow)
Trick (Organic Family)
Adrin (Organic Family/Euthanasia)
Venom (Organic Family)
Kendoo (Organic Family/Placidity Project)

Chill Out:

Калахари -Live–
Cолнечный Сахалин -Live–
pavel ambiont -Live–

Secretic (Outline Family/Moscow)
Pozitron (Sound Spices/Moscow)
Zentropie (Placidity project)
Y-not (Organic Family)
Dublin Beat (Organic Family)
Kendoo (Organic Family/Placidity Project)
Amanita (Organic Family)
Anachoretes (Shangri-la)
Victor Orb (Foundamental)

Cinema: VJ Kendoo & VJ Elvistudio

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