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‘winter songs’ - ethno selection for 34 mag

Friday, December 30, 2011

compiled for 34mag.net in dec.2011 by Pavel Niakhayeu (nieviadomy artyst, pavel ambiont)
more info + other people’s mixes: http://34mag.net/post/navagodniya-miksy/

winter songs (selected by nieviadomy artyst)
1. Rusia – Čaho Ty, Łośia… (*)
2. Rajna – Dervishing
3. Donis & Rasa Serra – Bite Lingo
4. Moon Far Away – Žito Žala
5. Kola Beldy – Hoziain Lesa
6. […]

foundamental podcast 001

Monday, July 26, 2010

pavel ambiont - foundamental podcast 001


Friday, May 14, 2010

random poetic ambient mantra made of beautiful belarusian words
voices: julia k. & victor k.
idea & design: pavel n.

-nnie (julia & victor - v.100510) by rhythm_research

‘peace dub’ ep

Friday, November 21, 2008

20.11.2008 - ‘peace dub’ ep released on Segment records (NYC).

1. svarga / nidra
2. peace dub (segment version)
3. everytime i’m dreamin’ (vox.dub)
4. svapna
download: pavel ambiont - peace dub ep (segment item 11200813)

NIDRA open-air @ secret place

Thursday, September 11, 2008

12-14.09. 2008
Organic Family and The Best Cosmic Friends present: NIDRA. Deep Psychedelic Experience
Quarantine -Live- (Nabi rec./Outline family/Moscow)
Zitron (Sound Spices/Moscow)
Yeti (Yeti Sound System/Moscow)
Vodloke (D.o.D.Community/SS/Moscow)
Trick (Organic Family)
Adrin (Organic Family/Euthanasia)
Venom (Organic Family)
Kendoo (Organic Family/Placidity Project)
Chill Out:
Калахари -Live–
Cолнечный Сахалин -Live–
pavel ambiont -Live–
Secretic (Outline Family/Moscow)
Pozitron (Sound Spices/Moscow)
Zentropie (Placidity project)
Y-not (Organic Family)
Dublin Beat (Organic Family)
Kendoo (Organic Family/Placidity Project)
Amanita (Organic Family)
Anachoretes (Shangri-la)
Victor […]

peace dub

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

peace dub [3:00, 4.12 mb]