unsound podcast #09 - belarus on the air

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all tracks are by belarusian artists:

0000 - harmash - ‘hibernatoria 04′
0715 - nerdy dubz - ‘twisted guitar (part 1)’
0930 - pavel ambiont - ‘irrhythmia (part 2)’
1255 - pavel ambiont - ‘irrhythmia (part 3)’
1420 - pavel ambiont - ‘peace dub’ (unsound edit)’
1730 - psher - ‘lights at night’
2135 - i/dex - ‘191209′ (fragment of live)
2615 - pavel ambiont - ‘flutterfly’ + ‘techychordia’
2820 - sanytch - ‘hidden options’
3130 - sanytch - ‘dubroll’
3310 - parametric - ‘utadu’
3600 - parametric - ’streep’
3820 - pavel ambiont - ‘icebreaker (rmx)’
4010 - uncou - ‘defunktion’
4210 - pavel ambiont - ’spiral flow’
4450 - nieviadomy artyst - ‘battery juice’ + ‘rudimenthal (part 3)’
4620 - pavel ambiont - ‘irrhythmia (part 7.2)’

some info & links below:

Harmash - hibernatoria 04

Harmash is another project of Vitaly Harmash aka I/DEX.
i/dex participated in Minsk, Krakow and Torun editions of Unsound festival and collaborated with Pole for ‘Connections’ project.

this track is from his ambient album ‘hibernatoria’

Nerdy Dubz - twisted guitar (more twisted version)

Nerdy Dubz is a (mostly live) duo - me and guitar/electronic wizard Artem Atrashevsky (b_twisted). first time we played together was at Minsk Unsound 2008.

this track is from “Mental Contact” compilation released by Foundamental Network.

pavel ambiont - ‘irrhythmia (part 2)’ + ‘irrhythmia (part 3)’

will be a part of the album on Foundamental Network

pavel ambiont - ‘peace dub (unsound version)’
re-edit of a track from “peace dub” EP released by Segment label

Psher - ‘lights at night’

yet unreleased track by Psher, who is a dubstep and drum & bass dj/musician from Minsk

I/DEX - ‘191209 (fragment from live)’

exclusive nameless cut from i/dex live performance - played on december 19th at a presentation of his new album ‘Layers’ released on russian label Lagunamuch.

pavel ambiont - ‘flutterfly’ + ‘techychordia’

two more tracks from my upcoming album

Sanytch - ‘hidden options’

Sanytch (Alexander Nevolin) is a belarusian musician and designer currently living in Prague. actually i asked him to finish this track asap, after hearing the sketch.

Sanytch - ‘dubroll’

released on Zomarec (Italy) as part of “Instead of Rain” EP

Parametric - ‘utadu’, ’streep”

Parametric is just one of monikers of a man who produces music ranging from ambient to dubtech and deep house to electro to hard-techno (he plays hard/schranz-techno and hardcore as a DJ Uvhiol). these two dreamy and sensual tracks are unreleased.

pavel ambiont - ‘icebreaker (rmx)’

a short electro track, quite old really

Uncou - ‘defunktion’

Uncou (or Un-Co) is seriously dedicated to classic electro and IDM. unreleased track.

pavel ambiont - ’spiral flow’

that’s what i call ‘liminal techno’ - fluid as trance, but minimal

nieviadomy artyst - ‘battery juice’

nieviadomy artyst
(unknown artyst) - is my name for a darker, harder or trancier techno. ‘battery juice’ is not that hard, so i play it in pavel ambiont sets as well.

‘rudimenthal 3′ - is a short interlude

pavel ambiont - “irrhythmia (part 7.2)'’

another episode of ‘irrhythmia’ series

Каментаванне забаронена.