Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force Festival - 19-21.05.2017, Minsk

In 2008 Unsound Festival has changed my life by connecting me to other artists (Pinch, Artem Atrashevsky) and giving a chance not only to show my own music, but also to (re)present the Belarusian music culture abroad. So i’m glad to reciprocate by co-organizing the Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force festival in Minsk together with my Mental Force Festival colleagues.

And though festival organizer work eats half of my brain, i’m going to play there too: together with Alexei Usinovich (Apex Sphere, S4DS) and Volha Salakheyeva (VJ Solar Olga) we’re preparing a debut collab performance as Force Carriers. The project is dedicated to the great Belarusian artist, thinker and ‘eternal wanderer’ Jazep Drazdovič (1888 - 1954).

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