out now: P.S.Soundscapes - Topos, #1, 2018

‘P.S.Soundscapes’ is the new issue of ‘Topos’ journal for Philosophy & Cultural Studies published by European Humanities University (Vilnius).

Co-edited by Benjamin Cope and me, the volume is dedicated to studies in sound, music and listening in the Post-Socialist region and includes texts in Belarusian, Russian and English by researchers and curators from the Eastern Europe:

Marcin Barski, ​Ina Hladyshava, ​Andrei Gornykh​, ​Dmitry Koshlakov, ​Aleksandr Sarna, ​Anatoly Stepanishchev​, ​Andrey Vozyanov, Maria Yashchanka, Vita Zelenska, ​an interview with curators ​ Michał Libera ​and Daniel Muzyczuk ​as well as two essays by ​Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht ​ translated into Belarusian by ​Aliaksandra Lohvinava ​and introduced by ​Tatiana Shchyttsova ​, the journal Editor-in-Chief.

PDF version can be accessed at the​ journal website — P.S. Soundscapes — Topos, No.1, 2018. The printed version is available at EHU Library and, hopefully, will be sold in the select bookstores in Minsk, Belarus.

Media-Kit: https://goo.gl/JtwbLN

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