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Mapping Sounds & Cities Workshop - 3-5.10.2017, Vilnius

Аўторак, Верасень 12, 2017

I’m co-organizing Mapping Sounds & Cities Workshop in Vilnius for those interested in Urban Soundscapes, Sound Studies, Sociology, Rhythm Analysis and Music/Sound Art. The three-day event will be lead by me and my colleagues - urban researchers/musicians Ben Cope (UK/PL) and Andrey Vozyanov (RU/DE). Apply by 18 Sept. - http://bit.ly/2eHbciJ

Parajanov Festival - 20-27.08.2017, Lviv, UA

Аўторак, Жнівень 15, 2017

Together with VJ Solar Olga (Olga Salakheyeva) we’ll create an A/V installation during the II Parajanov Festival in Levandivka (Lviv, UA, 20-27.08.2017).
UPD: Info about our project - http://solarolga.com/project/i-will-revenge-this-world-with-love/

Deadline extended! Call for papers: P.S. Soundscapes (2017)

Пятніца, Чэрвень 2, 2017

DEADLINE EXTENDED till 1 August 2017.
Philosophy & cultural studies journal “Topos” has extended a call for papers for a 2017 issue - ‘P.S. Soundscapes’ - focusing on sound, music and listening in the post-Soviet and Eastern European region. The issue editors: Benjamin Cope & Pavel Niakhayeu (Department of Media, European Humanities University). Submit your […]

Artes Liberales 2017 - ‘The Age of Revolution(s)’

Пятніца, Сакавік 31, 2017

Together with Volha Salakheyeva i’m curating Artes Liberales festival audio/video/media-art program. This year’s edition is dedicated to all sorts of revolutions. See the full program here - Artes Liberales 2017

Call for papers: P.S. Soundscapes (2017)

Серада, Лістапад 23, 2016

Together with my colleague Benjamin Cope i’ll be co-editing ‘P.S. Soundscapes’ - an upcoming (2017) issue of

Лекцыя: Sound Studies (intro) @ Artes Liberales 2016

Субота, Красавік 9, 2016

Лекцыя Паўла Няхаева: Sound Studies (уводзіны)

‘winter songs’ - ethno selection for 34 mag

Пятніца, Снежань 30, 2011

compiled for 34mag.net in dec.2011 by Pavel Niakhayeu (nieviadomy artyst, pavel ambiont)
more info + other people’s mixes: http://34mag.net/post/navagodniya-miksy/

winter songs (selected by nieviadomy artyst)
1. Rusia – Čaho Ty, Łośia… (*)
2. Rajna – Dervishing
3. Donis & Rasa Serra – Bite Lingo
4. Moon Far Away – Žito Žala
5. Kola Beldy – Hoziain Lesa
6. […]

LPM Minsk - 22-25.09.2011

Аўторак, Жнівень 16, 2011

The X edition of LPM - Live Performers Meeting - kicks off on 22nd of September 2011 in Minsk, Belarus.
LPM offers a unique chance to be involved in four days of av performances, vjing, workshops, panel discussions, product showcase which will bring together an amazing community of vjs, audiovisual artists, new media practitioners and thinkers […]

pavel ambiont & olga solar @ Live Performers Meeting (Rome, 22.05.11)

Серада, Травень 18, 2011

20.05.2011: irrhythmia | LPM Rome 2011 - LIVE PERFORMERS MEETING
pavel ambiont - techno/dub/step, field recs & ambient poetry. solar_olga - visuals.


Чацвер, Верасень 4, 2008

amal spantanny kulturna-mastacki prajekt - sapnai/dreams

sound recording / editing / mixing + music: Pavel Niakhayeu (pavel ambiont)
paintings: Hanna Kurashova
thanks to Alex Omeljanchuk for his help with collecting these stories, interpreting to & from lithuanian.

* - this version is from set played at Satta club, Vilnius on 25.12.2009.

Visual Turn & Music (.swf presentation)

Серада, Красавік 23, 2008

[download .swf (75 kb)]

“візуальны паварот” і музыка

Пятніца, Красавік 18, 2008

21 красавіка я (хто?) буду рабіць маленькі даклад у ЕГУ. Тэма: ўзаемаадносіны музыкі \ гуку і візуальных мастацтваў \ практык \ тэхналогій.
Адрас: Вільня, вул.Валакупю, 5. Ауд.112. Пачатак ў 18:00. Уваход вольны. [гл.таксама - абвестка на ehu.lt]

rhythm research: interviews [winter 2008]

Чацвер, Люты 28, 2008

interviews with two Belarusian djs:
DJ Headshot - hard-techno dj, working with Euthanasia promo, tells about techno ritual and role of a dj in it. [lang: en, ru]
DJ I.F.U. - is one of the Belarusian Electronic music culture pioneers, linking Belarusian scene with UK and other countries, and the winner of TOP 30 […]

fractal ritual, fractal liminal

Пятніца, Лістапад 23, 2007

(notes for the paper on ?liminality in Electronic dance music culture’)
A party has a fractal-like structure with at least three levels of liminality\intensity oscillating and fluctuating in and out on each level — track, set, whole party.
Another possible application of liminality\communitas concepts: EDMC communities, after all, truly exist not in the ?profane world’ of everyday, […]

rhythm research

Нядзеля, Студзень 21, 2007

En: Just launched my research project on “rhythmic rituals” — from ancient \ tribal to their contemporary forms. This project mostly considers various aspects of techno & psy-trance (sub)cultures:

Why do we go to techno \ psy-trance parties?
What do we search there?
What do we experience there?
What those parties have in common with ancient \ tribal […]