God, Dog, Man and Bread

Once upon a time, God became enraged by Man’s misbehaviour and decided to punish him.

He went to the field and began tearing away wheat and rye ears. In those times stalks were covered with grain from root to top — so, he started from the very bottom, scrubbing the grain away.

— From now on, you’ll be living in hunger, having no bread to eat! — said God to guilty and helpless Man.

Dog saw God doing this and came to him and asked:

— Oh Father, please don’t take away all the bread from Man, for he’s going to die of hunger and he won’t have any bread to feed me!

God pondered his proposal for a moment, left some grain on the top of stalks and went away…

That’s why cereals now have grain only on the top of stalks. And that’s why we should thank Dog for the bread we have. Without his help we’d die of hunger. Don’t forget that we’re eating Dog’s bread!

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