electroson (mixed by pavel ambiont)

Minimal techno mix i’ve made long time ago — in 2002. The tracks are classic minimal sound of 1990s.

My intention was to make a hour-lenght mix of hyper-monotonic sounds to use it for my meditation sessions.

“Electroson” is russian for “electric sleep” — a medical procedure, when monotonic electric impulses are aplied rythmically to patient’s brain. As a result, brain-rhythms change and the patient submerges into artificially-induced sleep-like state. I was prescribed “electroson” once, but didn’t experienced anything special.

One of my favourite meditation / relaxation techniques — is to lie down, relax and contemplate monotonic sounds until… until whatever happens. Sometimes i fall asleep and wake up when the last track in set kicks in. Sometimes i stay half-wake during the whole session, hearing the music all the time and seeing how thoughts mutate into dreamy images. Either way, it’s very nice (in)activity, and with every session you go deeper and deeper into subconsciousness.

It’s important to compile a suitable soundtrack for a session. Minimal techno is good. “Idei Lahesna” album by Octex or Rhythm & Sound are fine examples. But gaps between tracks disrupt the flow. And there are not that many minimal mixes out there that execute their soporofic function perfectly.

So i’ve selected some tracks and mixed them. I was satisfied with the result, despite rather poor sound quality — i had to use mp3 as i didn’t have vinyl or cd originals of some tracks. Nothing’s perfect and at least the tracks are timeless. It’s funny, but after this mix i haven’t mixed anything and quit dj-ing. Couple of month later i started making my own tracks and, needless to say, i’m pursuing the same somnolent sound.

Have a nice sleep!

Download mix [.mp3 @ 160kbps, 70 mb]
Download artwork [.zip 1.5 mb]

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