Dark Side Of Techno w/ Hadamard (13.03.15, Hrodna)

Сакавік 4, 2015

Hdamard, Pavel Ambiont, Dtekk, Nobel, Kreep, VJ Solar Olga

Dark Side of Techno presents:

Hadamard (NL) - LIVE
Pavel Ambiont (BY) - LIVE
Dtekk (PL)
Kreep (BY)
Nobel (BY)

Visuals - VJ Solar Olga (BY)

Event @ FB

Aurora - 23.01.2015 @ Vilnius

Студзень 20, 2015

Ambient night @ 48 Cechas, Vilnius, LT

pavel ambiont (BY)
King Sleep / Karalius Miegas
So sure
Hi-Tech (NRDS)

Glass Worlds in Minsk, 29.11.2014

Снежань 1, 2014

‘Glass Worlds’ is a series of fantastic several-hour concerts of Philip Glass piano works played by Nicolas Horvath (FR). The Minsk concert held on 29.11.2014 involved visual support by Pavel Niakhayeu (pavel ambiont) & Volha Salakheyeva (VJ Solar Olga)

Pavel Ambiont samples \ GBC sample-pack

Лістапад 22, 2014

Here you can download some loops and sounds by Pavel Ambiont and other Belarusian electronic artists. This free sample pack was released by Grave Board Clan as a part of their 10 years celebration.

Pavel Ambiont @ 909 Techno Squad (18.10.2014)

Кастрычнік 20, 2014

Event @ FB \ VK

Scandinavian Music Days in Minsk with MESAK (FI)

Кастрычнік 15, 2014

Mesak (FI) is playing in Minsk on 17.10.2014, along with Pavel Ambiont, Aortha, Generation Skweee, Kritchev vs. Ban, Evgeni Rogozin, Acid Brothers, DJ Drug - and

Visuals by: VJ Solar Olga and Pavel Ambiont

Dark Sound Of Techno B-day with DMX Krew @ Hrodna, BY

Кастрычнік 12, 2014

Dark Side of Techno party with DMX Krew, Pavel Ambiont, Dtekk, Nobel, Kreep, VJ Solar Olga.

See photos @ Resident Advisor or Force Carriers

Rša / Rša Dub

Верасень 8, 2014


Жнівень 15, 2014

this one has started as a ‘traditional’ back-to-90s techno, but…

Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga @ PRYZBA-fest (10.08.14)

Жнівень 12, 2014

Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga @ Error Place

Жнівень 1, 2014


Ліпень 11, 2014

La Antena @ toKino festival (18.06.2014)

Чэрвень 18, 2014

Pavel Ambiont plays his alternative soundtrack to La Antena movie directed by Esteban Sapir.
toKino Festival, Skalvija cinema, Vilnius, 18th of June 2014

Raptam Dub (v.2)

Чэрвень 12, 2014

28.03.14 - Nieviadomy Artyst @ Dark Side Of Techno (Hrodna, BY)

Сакавік 20, 2014

28.03.2014, DejaVu bar, Hrodna, Belarus