‘to serve and protect’ by Anna Zhyn

Кастрычнік 14, 2020

since the beginning of the 2020 election campaign in Belarus:
14,000+ detained
90+ political prisoners
450+ documented cases of torture
1,800+ allegations of violence used during the detention
6 killed and some still missing
200+ injured, including children
800+ in exile, some forcibly expelled from the country
250+ criminal cases against activists, observers, protesters, etc.
0 investigations of violence against peaceful protesters
hundreds harassed and persecuted

idea and production: Anna Zhyn
sound/music: Pavel Niakhayeu

Noncompliance – Belarus, Culture & Activism | Unsound Festival

Кастрычнік 6, 2020


“Where does the current strength of civic unrest come from, and can art be of any help in the fight against the regime? Moderated by Kaja Puto, a journalist specializing in Eastern and Central Europe, this discussion will include Polish-Belarusian visual artist Jana Shostak, and experimental musician and lecturer Pavel Niakhayeu and Ana Lok, a curator, art manager and artivist, based in Minsk.”


Pinch & Pavel Ambiont re-release

Верасень 4, 2020

A digital reissue of a limited-edition 12″ released in September 2010 - http://discogs.com/Pinch-2-Pavel-Ambiont-Jellybean-Poison-Remedy/release/2439939

This collaboration was initiated and supported by Unsound Festival and a number of European cultural institutions.

‘Poison / Remedy’ was produced in Minsk, Belarus in September 2008 and ‘Jellybean’ in Bristol, UK in February 2009.

‘Poison / Remedy’ was previously released on V/A ‘Connections’ by ~scape label - discogs.com/Various-Connections/master/451167

released September 4, 2020

Nieviadomy Artyst - “Between Predators and Parasites” [FRC EP 06]

Жнівень 11, 2020

it’s hard to stay human between predators and parasites

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Pavel Ambiont - ‘Make Utopia Great Again’ [FRC EP 05]

Чэрвень 15, 2020

One person’s utopia is another person’s dystopia. What would Thomas More say about the world today? How would he envision a better future if he lived among us? What do you think about it all? Will life be ‘richer, easier, healthier, a space age dream come true’?

‘Make Utopia Great Again’ EP by Pavel Ambiont - released on the 15th of June 2020 by Force Carriers [FRC EP 05]

Stream / Download from Force Carriers Bandcamp

written by Pavel Niakhayeu in 2018-2020 in Minsk, Horki and Vilnius.
artwork by Pavel Niakhayeu - based on Thomas More’s portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger (1527)

Let Dystopia Fade In Rain

Чэрвень 12, 2020

Force Carriers · Pavel Ambiont - 'Let Dystopia Fade In Rain'

track 5 from ‘Make Utopia Great Again’ EP by Pavel Ambiont
to be released on the 15th of June 2020 by Force Carriers

Павел Няхаеў: Што слухаць падчас карантына?

Сакавік 29, 2020

Put Your Best Tentacle Forward (demo)

Студзень 11, 2020

Canteena XYZ archive presentation - 28.12.2019

Снежань 20, 2019

On the Belarus-Russia ‘integration’ and our electronic music scene (unpublished interview)

Снежань 6, 2019

A wooden Putin vs. fridge magnets with Belarusian symbols at a Minsk souvenir shop

These days the people of Belarus are worried about our country’s destiny. On the 8th of December the Belarusian and Russian presidents are going to sign some agreement on a ‘deeper integration’ of our countries. The details are mostly unknown - they were not discussed neither with the people nor with the parliament. We only get rumours, leaks or fantasies about a supra-state Parliament and Government, a common legislation and currency etc. We are afraid that our country will lose its independence - if not immediately, in a forceful or soft annexation, then gradually. Not everyone would be happy about it. Even the Lukashenko’s sociologists claim that only 7.7% of the population wants Belarus to become a part of the Russian Federation. But anything might happen. There will be protests, that’s for sure. The Belarusians have good guerilla traditions - but no one wants a civil/hybrid war here.

And it seems that no one except the Belarusians cares or even knows about this ‘integration’ issue. It’s almost nonexistent issue on the global or European news agenda - and even many (sort of) forward thinking people in Russia know nothing about it.

Some of my friends and colleagues are trying to fill this info gap - like the Minsk Urban Platform in their article. I’ve remembered about an unpublished interview draft and thought i should share it with my foreign friends and fans.

Rory Jones, a journalist from the UK, has asked me a few questions this spring for a Calvert Journal feature about the Belarusian electronic scene. Rory was really keen about our scene so I decided to tell way more than he needed for a short article. I believe a bit of context always helps.

Below is a half of the original interview text, including the pieces that were published. I’ve omitted a couple of questions about my personal ‘music evolution’ and activities. Here are just the bits about the scene and the situation in and around Belarus in general.

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Music, Utopia & Social Change (Unsound Festival presentation)

Кастрычнік 9, 2019

Lecture: ‘Music, Utopia and Social Change’, Unsound Festival 2019

Верасень 30, 2019

Installations w/ Olga Salakheyeva (VJ Solar Olga)

Верасень 21, 2019

Force Carriers label is 7 years old!

Верасень 12, 2019

Demo tracks: Spring 2019

Травень 18, 2019

#3 is another sketch for a Force Carriers album dedicated to Jazep Drazdovič

#1 + #4 might go there too - in some form or another.

#2 is an unexpected comeback of Nieviadomy Artyst project. i haven’t been making such harder techno for a couple of years (wasn’t angry enough) - but here it is.