28.03.14 - Nieviadomy Artyst @ Dark Side Of Techno (Hrodna, BY)

Сакавік 20, 2014

28.03.2014, DejaVu bar, Hrodna, Belarus


‘La Antena’ - alternative live soundtrack by Pavel Ambiont

Люты 10, 2014

On 15th of February i’ll play my alternative live electronic soundtrack to ‘La Antena’ (’The Aerial’) - an Argentinian movie by Esteban Sapir. This project is a part of Artes Liberales 2014 festival that i’m co-curating.

upd: several fragments of ‘La Antena’ with my music:

Nieviadomy Artyst & Pavel Ambiont - Dare To Know [FRC EP 02]

Студзень 4, 2014

New 8-track EP by Nieviadomy Artyst / Pavel Ambiont was released on 04.01.2014. Download mp3 or lossless - http://force-carriers.bandcamp.com/album/dare-to-know.

Electronic Music in Belarus - short intro

Снежань 17, 2013

We have prepared an english-language overview covering some of the most interesting music in Belarus electronic scene.

Enjoy the music and please share the article - Electronic Music in Belarus – short intro

Rhythm & Force @ Shelter, Minsk, 18.10.13

Кастрычнік 12, 2013

Force Carriers label and the legendary Belarusian promo-group Euthanasia team-up for a techno-electro bash @ Shelter, Minsk.

4 techno live-sets, including the premiere performance of Strobe Light Visions - a space-techno/electro project of UNCOU. Support from Euthanasia resident-DJs.

join us here- https://www.facebook.com/events/673662172653521/


photo: Pavel Ambiont / Nieviadomy Artyst & Solar Olga @ Taste The East

Верасень 30, 2013

Taste The East / Original Source Up To Date Festival after-party

Верасень 6, 2013

stage 1, start: 20:00 – ambient, experimental, techno

Stanislav Tolkachev (M_Rec, Modularz, UA)
Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga (Foundamental Network, BY)
Nieviadomy Artyst (Force Carriers, BY)
Jorjick (Front Rec, GE)
Sa (Foundamental Network, AM/RU)

Stage 2, start 22:00 – electro, rap, ghetto-tech, techno

Egyptian Lover (Egyptian Empire Los Angeles, USA)
Arabian Prince aka Professor X ( ex - N.W.A, Stonesthrow, Los Angeles, USA)
DJ Kreep (The Dark Side Of Techno, BY)
No.107 (Planet Rock, Łódź)
Essence (Technosoul, Głębokie Pasmo, Warszawa)
Chupax (Electrocapital, Warszawa)
Dtekk (Uptodate.pl, Technosoul)

Pavel Ambiont - ‘Pagan & Urban’ [FNET018]

Чэрвень 24, 2013

Pagan & Urban is a new mini-album by Pavel Ambiont released on 24.06.2013 by Foundamental Network label.

Download album (mp3 or lossless)

more info:

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Stellar Obsession - compilation of Force Carriers label

Красавік 12, 2013

Stellar Obsession by Force Carriers label

STELLAR OBSESSION is the 3rd compilation released by Force Carriers – a space-inspired collection of Electro, Deep Techno and Dubtech by musicians representing several ‘sub-waves’ of Belarusian electronic music scene – from those who’ve been making music since mid-1990s to the younger generation.


Goawash – Kosmos Blizko
Uncou – Plasmastar
Strobe Light Visions – Nebula
Robotov-Millentrop – Eastern Way
Alexei Sfourds – Flight to Mars
Voehn – Transformations
Pavel Ambiont – Icebreaker (rmx)
Psher – M to D
Alexei Sfourds & Pavel Ambiont – Infall Velocity
Sanytch – Hidden Options
Parametric & Pavel Ambiont – Wasteland (p/a rmx)

Basic Force Interactions - 03.01.2013

Студзень 3, 2013

Basic Force Interactions  - techno compilation with UVL, S4DS, Nieviadomy Artyst

The second Force Carriers label compilation - Basic Force Ianteractions [FRC VA 02], released on 3rd of January 2013 is dedicated to dark industrial and forest realms of techno represented by S4DS, UVL, Nieviadomy Artyst / Pavel Ambiont.


S4DS - Inertia
Nieviadomy Artyst - Time Shift (v2)
UVL - Dead Tissue
Nieviadomy Artyst - Ekpyrosis
UVL - Multitude
S4DS - Effort
Nieviadomy Artyst - Battery Juice
S4DS - Mechanical Stresses
UVL - Broken Twin
Pavel Ambiont - Peace Dub (n/a rmx)


Force Carriers Podcast 01: pavel ambiont / nieviadomy artyst

Снежань 23, 2012

vForce Carriers Podcast 01: Pavel Ambiont / Nieviadomy Artyst

Force Cariers Podcast 01: Pavel Ambiont/ Nieviadomy Artyst

Download: http://archive.org/download/Force-Carriers-FRC-MX-01/frc_mx_01.zip

pavel ambiont - t-berg
pavel ambiont - torpor (n/a rmx)
nieviadomy artyst - tephra
pavel ambiont - everytime i’m dreamin’ (n/a rmx)
nieviadomy artyst - ekpyrosis
nieviadomy artyst - effervescence
nieviadomy artyst - time shift
s4ds - space trip (pavel ambiont rmx)
pinch & pavel ambiont - poison (edit)
pavel ambiont - atruta
pavel ambiont - peace dub (n/a rmx)
pavel ambiont - solar pulse
parametric & pavel ambiont - wasteland (*preview)

Nieviadomy Artyst @ TECHNOV?DEN?E (08.12.12)

Снежань 9, 2012

Video recordings of Nieviadomy Artyst set @ TECHNOV?DEN?E (Technovision) live video broadcast show.

Source: http://www.justin.tv/

Nieviadomy Artyst (aka Pavel Ambiont) - pt.1


Nieviadomy Artyst (aka Pavel Ambiont) - pt.2



Nieviadomy Artyst (final) - S4DS



21.11.12 - Audiographics - Pavel Ambiont & Michał Mierzwa @ ViviMotion (Poznan, PL)

Лістапад 10, 2012

21.11.12 - Audiographics - Pavel Ambiont & Michał Mierzwa @ ViviMotion (Poznan, PL)

Force Carriers compilation - pavel ambiont / nieviadomy artyst & alexei sfourds / s4ds

Верасень 10, 2012

various artists - force carriers
The first Force Carriers compilation contains tracks by Pavel Ambiont / Nieviadomy Artyst and Alexei Sfourds / S4DS .


01. pavel ambiont - while she sleeps (parts 1 & 2)
02. s4ds - space trip (alexei sfourds rmx)
03. s4ds - space trip (pavel ambiont rmx)
04. pavel ambiont - ufobeats
05. nieviadomy artyst - effervescence
06. nieviadomy artyst - tephra (forest version)
07. nieviadomy artyst - tephra
08. pavel ambiont - solar pulse
09. alexei sfourds - to all astronauts
10. alexei sfourds - inspiration
11. pavel ambiont - infall (n/a rmx)
12. alexei sfourds & pavel ambiont - lunar pulse

Force Carriers [FRC VA 01] by Force Carriers

Download: http://force-carriers.bandcamp.com or https://archive.org/details/Force-Carriers-FRC-VA-01
Listen & follow: Force Carriers @ soundcloud

Released by: Force Carriers
Catalogue number: FRC VA 01
Release date: Sep 10, 2012

Video fragment featuring 2 tracks from the compilation - ‘tephra’ & ‘effervescence’ by nieviadomy artyst: http://vimeo.com/45641447

coming soon: Force Carriers compilation

Ліпень 19, 2012

The first Force Carriers compilation featuring tracks by pavel ambiont / nieviadomy artyst and S4DS / Alexei Sfourds will be released in early september.

force carriers

Here are some tracks from the compilation:

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