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‘winter songs’ - ethno selection for 34 mag

Friday, December 30, 2011

compiled for 34mag.net in dec.2011 by Pavel Niakhayeu (nieviadomy artyst, pavel ambiont)
more info + other people’s mixes: http://34mag.net/post/navagodniya-miksy/

winter songs (selected by nieviadomy artyst)
1. Rusia – Čaho Ty, Łośia… (*)
2. Rajna – Dervishing
3. Donis & Rasa Serra – Bite Lingo
4. Moon Far Away – Žito Žala
5. Kola Beldy – Hoziain Lesa
6. […]


Thursday, September 4, 2008

amal spantanny kulturna-mastacki prajekt - sapnai/dreams

sound recording / editing / mixing + music: Pavel Niakhayeu (pavel ambiont)
paintings: Hanna Kurashova
thanks to Alex Omeljanchuk for his help with collecting these stories, interpreting to & from lithuanian.

* - this version is from set played at Satta club, Vilnius on 25.12.2009.

fractal ritual, fractal liminal

Friday, November 23, 2007

(notes for the paper on ?liminality in Electronic dance music culture’)
A party has a fractal-like structure with at least three levels of liminality\intensity oscillating and fluctuating in and out on each level — track, set, whole party.
Another possible application of liminality\communitas concepts: EDMC communities, after all, truly exist not in the ?profane world’ of everyday, […]

Ugnis - Agni - Ahoń

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 21. Chilling at the forest chill-out at Yaga fest, i was reading a book on Lithuanian pagan religion by Algirdas Greimas (translated in belarusian by S. Šupa).
After reading chapter about offerings to fire (ugnis), i went to the ‘healing area’ to check what’s going there. Alas, a workshop on meditation had just finished. But […]

rhythm research

Sunday, January 21, 2007

En: Just launched my research project on “rhythmic rituals” — from ancient \ tribal to their contemporary forms. This project mostly considers various aspects of techno & psy-trance (sub)cultures:

Why do we go to techno \ psy-trance parties?
What do we search there?
What do we experience there?
What those parties have in common with ancient \ tribal […]