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‘Pierrot Lunaire’ premiere in Minsk, Belarus

Субота, Снежань 9, 2017

I was lucky to help my dear wife Olga to create video footage for the Belarusian premiere of ‘Pierrot Lunaire’ (24.11.2017).
Composer: Arnold Schoenberg
Music performers: ‘Sonorus’ Capella
Conductor: Alexander Humala
Soloist: Natalia Iselyonok,
Video-art: Volha Salakheyeva & Pavel Niakhayeu
Live-video performance: Volha Salakheyeva (VJ Solar Olga)

Report: Force Carriers @ Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force 2017 [#1]

Пятніца, Чэрвень 23, 2017

‘Eternal Wanderer’ is a new A/V project by Force Carriers - myself, Apex Sphere & VJ Solar Olga. It was premiered at Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force festival on the 19th of May 2017.

Video-fragment #1:

Interview (in Belarusian): Sci-Fi-містыка на глебе Язэпа Драздовіча

More info, tracks and photos: http://force-carriers.com/projects/eternal-wanderer/

Force Carriers present: ‘Eternal Wanderer’

Пятніца, Травень 12, 2017

This friday, 19.05, me, Apex Sphere and VJ Solar Olga will play for the first time as a trio - Force Carriers at Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force festival. Our A/V project ‘Eternal Wanderer’ is a tribute to a unique artist Jazep Drazdovič (1888-1954) who became the first Belarusian on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn […]

Pavel Ambiont “Time Stream Surfers” - video by VJ Pasha.Plaha

Пятніца, Люты 12, 2016

Visualization: Pasha.Plaha
Music: Pavel Ambiont - 'Time Stream Surfers' (coming soon on Force Carriers) - http://soundcloud.com/force_carriers/sets/frc-lp-02

Pavel Ambiont @ Aurora (22.01.2016)

Панядзелак, Студзень 25, 2016

Video & Audio: Pavel Ambiont @ Boiler Room Poland

Серада, Верасень 30, 2015

A video recording of Pavel Ambiont liveset played at Boiler Room Poland \ Taste The East techno conference in Bialystok on 29.08.2015.

More info - http://boilerroom.tv/recording/pavel-ambiont/
Pavel Ambiont - Iter Mirabile [unreleased]
Pavel Ambiont - Allein im Weltraum [unreleased]
Pavel Ambiont - Time Stream Surfers [unreleased]
Nieviadomy Artyst - Knowledge Is Fire (P/A edit) [Force Carriers]
+ spoken word […]

Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga @ Error Place

Пятніца, Жнівень 1, 2014

Nieviadomy Artyst @ TECHNOV?DEN?E (08.12.12)

Нядзеля, Снежань 9, 2012

Video recordings of Nieviadomy Artyst set @ TECHNOV?DEN?E (Technovision) live video broadcast show.
Source: http://www.justin.tv/
Nieviadomy Artyst (aka Pavel Ambiont) - pt.1

Nieviadomy Artyst (aka Pavel Ambiont) - pt.2

Nieviadomy Artyst (final) - S4DS


21.11.12 - Audiographics - Pavel Ambiont & Michał Mierzwa @ ViviMotion (Poznan, PL)

Субота, Лістапад 10, 2012

21.11.12 - Audiographics - Pavel Ambiont & Michał Mierzwa @ ViviMotion (Poznan, PL)


Серада, Сакавік 28, 2012

“keywords” - music video by pavel ambiont & solar olga

26.11.11 - pavel ambiont & solar olga @ laboratorio symbolon, barcelona

Серада, Лістапад 2, 2011

Circuitro Electrovisiones in collaboration with Laboratorio Symbolon and Foundamental Network present:
Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga (foundamental network, Belarus) - Audiovisial concert “Irrhythmia”
20:00, 26.11.2011, Barcelona, Spain

Concierto Audiovisial Irrhythmia por Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga (foundamental network, Belarus)
Sábado 26 de noviembre
Entrada: 4€
Es una performance que muestra un […]

LPM Minsk - 22-25.09.2011

Аўторак, Жнівень 16, 2011

The X edition of LPM - Live Performers Meeting - kicks off on 22nd of September 2011 in Minsk, Belarus.
LPM offers a unique chance to be involved in four days of av performances, vjing, workshops, panel discussions, product showcase which will bring together an amazing community of vjs, audiovisual artists, new media practitioners and thinkers […]

Deep Dub II @ Dirty Deal Riga (13.08.2011)

Серада, Жнівень 10, 2011

DEEP DUB II - techno dub grooves @ Dirty Deal, Riga, Latvia (13.08.2011)
03:00 ÅRNO

nieviadomy artyst - “ekpyrosis”

Субота, Жнівень 6, 2011

nieviadomy artyst - ‘ekpyrosis’ from artyst nieviadomy on Vimeo.

Belarusian Space @ Klaipeda, Lithuania (29-31.07.11)

Пятніца, Жнівень 5, 2011

pavel ambiont / nieviadomy artyst @ belarusian space (klaipeda, 30.07.11) by rhythm_research

pavel ambiont & solar olga @ ‘Belarusian Space’ - Klaipeda, Lithuania (29-31.07.11)
see report (in Belarusian) about the event - http://34mag.net/post/klajjpedafiliya/