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“візуальны паварот” і музыка

Пятніца, Красавік 18, 2008

21 красавіка я (хто?) буду рабіць маленькі даклад у ЕГУ. Тэма: ўзаемаадносіны музыкі \ гуку і візуальных мастацтваў \ практык \ тэхналогій.
Адрас: Вільня, вул.Валакупю, 5. Ауд.112. Пачатак ў 18:00. Уваход вольны. [гл.таксама - абвестка на ehu.lt]

rhythm research: interviews [winter 2008]

Чацвер, Люты 28, 2008

interviews with two Belarusian djs:
DJ Headshot - hard-techno dj, working with Euthanasia promo, tells about techno ritual and role of a dj in it. [lang: en, ru]
DJ I.F.U. - is one of the Belarusian Electronic music culture pioneers, linking Belarusian scene with UK and other countries, and the winner of TOP 30 […]

fractal ritual, fractal liminal

Пятніца, Лістапад 23, 2007

(notes for the paper on ?liminality in Electronic dance music culture’)
A party has a fractal-like structure with at least three levels of liminality\intensity oscillating and fluctuating in and out on each level — track, set, whole party.
Another possible application of liminality\communitas concepts: EDMC communities, after all, truly exist not in the ?profane world’ of everyday, […]

rhythm research

Нядзеля, Студзень 21, 2007

En: Just launched my research project on “rhythmic rituals” — from ancient \ tribal to their contemporary forms. This project mostly considers various aspects of techno & psy-trance (sub)cultures:

Why do we go to techno \ psy-trance parties?
What do we search there?
What do we experience there?
What those parties have in common with ancient \ tribal […]