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Video & Audio: Pavel Ambiont @ Boiler Room Poland

Серада, Верасень 30, 2015

A video recording of Pavel Ambiont liveset played at Boiler Room Poland \ Taste The East techno conference in Bialystok on 29.08.2015.

More info - http://boilerroom.tv/recording/pavel-ambiont/
Pavel Ambiont - Iter Mirabile [unreleased]
Pavel Ambiont - Allein im Weltraum [unreleased]
Pavel Ambiont - Time Stream Surfers [unreleased]
Nieviadomy Artyst - Knowledge Is Fire (P/A edit) [Force Carriers]
+ spoken word […]

Report: Pavel Ambiont @ Boiler Room Poland

Аўторак, Верасень 1, 2015

Minsk's Pavel Ambiont of @ForceCarriers taking us through the next 45 mins ☛ http://t.co/dyggHGtnyv pic.twitter.com/rlPR1WivOI
— BOILER ROOM (@boilerroomtv) August 29, 2015

Some more photos from the Pavel Ambiont liveset at Boiler Room Poland session which was a part of Taste The East 2015 techno-conference

pavel ambiont @ Taste The East 2015 Conference & Boiler Room Poland

Субота, Жнівень 22, 2015

On 28-29.08.2015 i’ll tell about the Belarusian techno / electro scene at ‘Taste The East 2015′ music conference and will play at the Boiler Room session in Białystok, Poland - along with a whole array of techno artists from the Eastern / Central / Western Europe.

Taste The East 2015 - Conference & After-parties […]

Mental Force Festival - 22-23.05.2015, Minsk

Серада, Травень 6, 2015

The first edition of Mental Force festival will happen on 22-23 MAY 2015 and will feature a world-known audio-visual duo – Robert Henke aka Monolake (DE) & Tarik Barri (NL/DE) as well as musicians and video artists from Belarus - including three Force Carriers artists - Pavel Ambiont, Apex Sphere, VJ Solar Olga.

Dark Side Of Techno w/ Hadamard (13.03.15, Hrodna)

Серада, Сакавік 4, 2015

Dark Side of Techno presents:
Hadamard (NL) - LIVE
Pavel Ambiont (BY) - LIVE
Dtekk (PL)
Kreep (BY)
Nobel (BY)
Visuals - VJ Solar Olga (BY)
Event @ FB

Pavel Ambiont @ 909 Techno Squad (18.10.2014)

Панядзелак, Кастрычнік 20, 2014

Event @ FB \ VK

Scandinavian Music Days in Minsk with MESAK (FI)

Серада, Кастрычнік 15, 2014

Mesak (FI) is playing in Minsk on 17.10.2014, along with Pavel Ambiont, Aortha, Generation Skweee, Kritchev vs. Ban, Evgeni Rogozin, Acid Brothers, DJ Drug - and
Visuals by: VJ Solar Olga and Pavel Ambiont

Dark Sound Of Techno B-day with DMX Krew @ Hrodna, BY

Нядзеля, Кастрычнік 12, 2014

Dark Side of Techno party with DMX Krew, Pavel Ambiont, Dtekk, Nobel, Kreep, VJ Solar Olga.
See photos @ Resident Advisor or Force Carriers

28.03.14 - Nieviadomy Artyst @ Dark Side Of Techno (Hrodna, BY)

Чацвер, Сакавік 20, 2014

28.03.2014, DejaVu bar, Hrodna, Belarus

Nieviadomy Artyst (Force Carriers)
Dtekk (Uptodate.pl,Białystok)
Kreep (Dark Side of Techno)
Nobel (Dark Side of Techno)

‘La Antena’ - alternative live soundtrack by Pavel Ambiont

Панядзелак, Люты 10, 2014

On 15th of February i’ll play my alternative live electronic soundtrack to ‘La Antena’ (’The Aerial’) - an Argentinian movie by Esteban Sapir. This project is a part of Artes Liberales 2014 festival that i’m co-curating.
upd: several fragments of ‘La Antena’ with my music:

Rhythm & Force @ Shelter, Minsk, 18.10.13

Субота, Кастрычнік 12, 2013

Force Carriers label and the legendary Belarusian promo-group Euthanasia team-up for a techno-electro bash @ Shelter, Minsk.
4 techno live-sets, including the premiere performance of Strobe Light Visions - a space-techno/electro project of UNCOU. Support from Euthanasia resident-DJs.
join us here- https://www.facebook.com/events/673662172653521/

Gleb Luv
Nieviadomy Artyst
Strobe Light Visions

photo: Pavel Ambiont / Nieviadomy Artyst & Solar Olga @ Taste The East

Панядзелак, Верасень 30, 2013

Taste The East / Original Source Up To Date Festival after-party

Пятніца, Верасень 6, 2013

stage 1, start: 20:00 – ambient, experimental, techno
Stanislav Tolkachev (M_Rec, Modularz, UA)
Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga (Foundamental Network, BY)
Nieviadomy Artyst (Force Carriers, BY)
Jorjick (Front Rec, GE)
Sa (Foundamental Network, AM/RU)
Stage 2, start 22:00 – electro, rap, ghetto-tech, techno
Egyptian Lover (Egyptian Empire Los Angeles, USA)
Arabian Prince aka Professor X ( ex - N.W.A, Stonesthrow, Los Angeles, USA)
DJ […]

21.11.12 - Audiographics - Pavel Ambiont & Michał Mierzwa @ ViviMotion (Poznan, PL)

Субота, Лістапад 10, 2012

21.11.12 - Audiographics - Pavel Ambiont & Michał Mierzwa @ ViviMotion (Poznan, PL)

Acidophilus - Back To Acid Grooves

Аўторак, Травень 15, 2012

Foundamental Network presents:

event @ facebook